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Why invest in bullion?

Purchasing precious metals in bullion is a direct and simple way into an easy and secure market. As an investor in precious metal bullion, you are taking control of your own capital, unlike throwing wealth into non-tangible stocks in an unstable economic environment, with bullion, you know exactly where your money is going: straight back into your wallet.

Metals is money.

While stocks have shown in these times even with bluechip companies there is uncertainty, the value of precious metals will never go to zero. Bullion is an asset against the rising insecurities of the financial markets, by expanding your portfolio into the precious metals field, you’re already creating a stable back up plan.

By investing in precious metal bullion, not only are you protecting yourself against the chances of losing your hard earned wealth, you will also gain the benifits of a well rounded portfolio. With bullion, you are the holder of your own financial future.

Gold, for example has increased in value over 150% since 2001.

Precious metals are the flight to safety in times of turbulence and global uncertainty.

Precious metals when purchased or used correctly are an effective and valuable component of a diversified portfolio.

It is suggested that a well balanced investment portfolio should always consist of 10-30% in precious metals.


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As with all investments, the price of precious metals changes rapidly, and as such should be considered volatile. Upon entering the metals market, the risk of loss is solely that of the client. Only individuals who are capable of sustaining a capital loss should consider purchasing precious metals. Acquisitions in precious metals which are financed are considered high risk.
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