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RPT-As with gold, miners bullish on silver prices
  By Ernest Scheyder COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept 20 (Reuters) - All that glitters is not just gold, with prices for silver also expected to strongly rise within the year due to a worsening economic landscape. Silver, the second-most popular precious metal, has historically traded in tandem with gold prices, and in the past 12......Sep-21-2011 10:13
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Gold May Climb to $2,500 by 2013, Newmont's O'Brien Says
   Newmont Mining Corp., the largest U.S. gold producer, said the price of bullion may jump 36 percent to $2,500 an ounce by 2013. “I don’t see the facts to cause the gold market to change in at least five years,” Chief Executive Officer Richard O’Brien said in Dalian, China today. Gold may gain to more tha......Sep-14-2011 17:52
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Why the gold bull run is likely to continue
  Gold has been in a bull market for 10 years and we are often asked if this is a bubble. But in fact the rise in gold prices has been very civilized and it's still cheap compared to its historic inflation-adjusted high. The chart shows that in the 1970s gold prices rose a huge amount by 1,650 percent. And gold had its best performance dur......Sep-14-2011 10:57
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Default threat boosts case for gold, Sprott says
  The risk of Greece defaulting on its debt may be roiling the world’s financial markets, but it’s good news for Eric Sprott. Investors seeking refuge from the financial storm drove the price of gold to a record high last week, and Mr. Sprott is optimistic that demand for the precious metal will expand as fears grow that Greece......Sep-14-2011 10:54
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Gold outlook positive for 2011 as diverse markets and strong fundamentals drive demand
  The outlook for global gold demand remains robust throughout 2011 against a background of another strong quarter, the geographic and sectoral diversity of demand and strong fundamentals, the World Gold Council said today. According to the Gold Demand Trends report for Q1 2011, demand for gold in the rest of 2011 will be driven by a number......May-24-2011 10:34
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How can you love gold? Let us count the ways
  Never before have investors had so many ways to invest in precious metals. Those who believe in a bright future for gold (GC-FT)and silver (SI-FT) can find multiple avenues, from exchange-traded funds to actual bullion, to bet on the metal of their choice. But not all these methods deliver the same results. To find out which is right for......May-10-2011 15:24
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Gold Could Gain 30% by Year-End: Fund Manager
  Gold prices took a tumble in late January, but have since been going from strength to strength. Spot gold has risen 6.5 percent since January 28th. One fund manager thinks the precious metal has more upside as it remains undervalued. Ben Davies, Director and CEO of Hinde Capital which runs a physical bullion fund thinks if ......Apr-06-2011 12:06
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Commodities Rally Still Strong, Gold Will Hit $2,000
  The huge rally in gold is expected to continue—with $2,000 an ounce well within sight over the next decade, well-known commodities investor Jim Rogers told CNBC. Gold will be among the premier plays in commodities, which stand to benefit whether the economy rebounds or not, said Rogers, creator of th......Feb-01-2011 11:15
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Setting the stage for the seasonal trade in gold
  Gold was in the headlines this week when it traded at an all time high in U.S. and Canadian dollars.On the other hand, gold stocks on both sides of the border strengthened, but failed to approach all time highs. Where do gold equities and related Exchange Traded Funds go from here?One of the reasons for failure of gold equities to move to......Nov-30-2010 00:12
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China's Big Gold Rush
  With the government using TV ads to urge its citizens to buy bullion, an emerging middle class is splurging on the precious metal as an investment and jewellery China’s consumption of gold is soaring alongside the price, as the Asian economic superpower and its citizens increasingly turn to the precious metal as a way to diversify t......Nov-30-2010 00:09

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