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Silver getting ready for a breakout
  The period of seasonal strength in silver is approaching. How is the seasonal trade lining up this year? notes that the period of seasonal strength for silver during the past 20 years has been from Sept. 16 to April 11. The “sweet spot” is from the end of October to the end of February. The trade has been prof......Sep-14-2011 15:18
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Silver Offers Greater Upside Than Gold: Experts
  With gold prices soaring to a record high of $1,910 on Tuesday, some experts are starting to look at silver as an alternative trade, believing it has greater upside than the yellow metal. "Silver may come back on," Paul Heffner, CEO of investment managenet firm Gen2 Partners told CNBC on Tuesday. "I think the outside chance of more upsid......Aug-23-2011 12:06
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Can silver hold its lustre?
  After topping $40 (U.S.) an ounce this week for the first time since 1979, high-flying silver ran into some turbulence as investors cooled on commodity plays. After a remarkable rally that has more than doubled silver's price in less than eight months, how much longer will the shine remain on the precious metals? David Parkinson gathered ......Apr-13-2011 18:51
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New Report Projects Bullish Silver Industrial Demand Outlook Through 2015
  (Washington, D.C. – March 28, 2011) A report released today by the Silver Institute forecasts a healthy outlook for global silver industrial demand, the largest component of annual silver fabrication demand. The report states that industrial uses of silver should rise sharply over the next five years to 666 million troy ounces (......Apr-06-2011 11:59
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Silver Is Way Undervalued Compared With Gold
  Mother nature, one could say, is the ultimate asset allocator over a long enough time span. Going by that notion, silver is very undervalued versus gold.ilver is about 16 times as plentiful in the earth’s crust as gold, according to John Stephenson, author of the “The Little Book of Commodity Investing.”Yet, the price of......Mar-29-2011 12:40
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Volatility's silver streak
  Precious metal is seen as an investor haven, the industrial metal falls on economic weakness VANCOUVER -- MINING REPORTER Nothing demonstrates the mood swings in today's markets better than the price of silver. With Europe's debt crisis fears on the rise and amid growing concerns over a potential slowdow......Feb-01-2011 11:13
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Silver Prices Surging on Near-Record Demand
  The price of silver is surging and so is business at many coin dealers across the country. At Plaza Collectibles, an appraisals shop in Manhattan, owner Lee Rosenbloom says he’s seeing a tremendous demand both in new and older silver coins. “This is probably the strongest demand there’s been in the last 25 ye......Feb-01-2011 11:07
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Silver Sales to Jump as Demand Gains, Perth Mint "Says"
  Silver-coin sales will climb as investors seek to protect their wealth from weakening currencies, according to the Perth Mint, producer of about 6 percent of the world’s gold bullion. “There seems to be more upside with silver than gold right now,” said Ron Currie, sales and marketing director. The mint, founded in 1899......Dec-22-2010 14:39
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Silver lining in a cloudy market
  Published on Monday, Dec. 14, 2009  By Fabrice Taylor. Fabrice Taylor is a chartered financial analyst. It's easy to say gold is a bubble. It's up more than 26 cent in the past six months, so it has to be right?Maybe, but I doubt it, for both obvious and less-obvious reasons. Gold isn't as attractive as it was when no one wan......Dec-20-2010 12:26
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Gold's 'ugly sister' gets a second look
  Silver's gains in recent months have significantly outpaced gold's, with silver climbing around 30% since early February, compared with gold's nearly 17% price gain. And some analysts say silver hasn't yet caught the attention it deserves. Investors "are not taking notice yet it looks like the world is far more focusing on gold," said Gij......Nov-30-2010 00:18

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