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Silver Is Way Undervalued Compared With Gold
  Mother nature, one could say, is the ultimate asset allocator over a long enough time span. Going by that notion, silver is very undervalued versus gold.ilver is about 16 times as plentiful in the earth’s crust as gold, according to John Stephenson, author of the “The Little Book of Commodity Investing.”Yet, the price of...Mar-29-2011 12:38
How can you love gold? Let us count the ways
  Never before have investors had so many ways to invest in precious metals. Those who believe in a bright future for gold (GC-FT)and silver (SI-FT) can find multiple avenues, from exchange-traded funds to actual bullion, to bet on the metal of their choice. But not all these methods deliver the same results. To find out which is right for...May-10-2011 15:21
Why You Need to Own Gold
  Published: Saturday, 18 Sep 2010 | By: Debbie CarlsonIF YOU WERE TO TRAVEL 100 years into the future, never to return to 2010, what would you pack for the trip: $1 million in cash or $1 million in gold?If you're like most of Northern Trust's clients, you'd pick the gold, says Bob Browne, chief investment officer for the Chicago-based high...Nov-08-2010 14:23
Silver Offers Greater Upside Than Gold: Experts
  With gold prices soaring to a record high of $1,910 on Tuesday, some experts are starting to look at silver as an alternative trade, believing it has greater upside than the yellow metal. "Silver may come back on," Paul Heffner, CEO of investment managenet firm Gen2 Partners told CNBC on Tuesday. "I think the outside chance of more upsid...Aug-23-2011 12:00
A beginner's guide to investing in gold
  Gold has been sought after for its unique blend of near indestructibility, beauty, rarity and because of its status as a means of exchange and universal currency par excellence for centuries.Empires and nations have sought to possess gold as a medium of international exchange, as a store of wealth and in order to increase and preserve...Dec-20-2010 12:29

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As with all investments, the price of precious metals changes rapidly, and as such should be considered volatile. Upon entering the metals market, the risk of loss is solely that of the client. Only individuals who are capable of sustaining a capital loss should consider purchasing precious metals. Acquisitions in precious metals which are financed are considered high risk.
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