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Bullion Commodity News: Buying Silver & Gold Makes Sense . It's not just for serious investors
  Cache Metals' Bullion and Commodity Week-In-Review for December 06 – December 10, 2010. GOLDSpot gold touched an all time high of $1431.60 this week as investment demand continues to be the main driver of the yellow metal. A light week for economic data saw the metal trade in a range after taking a slide Tuesday as ear......Dec-20-2010 12:20
  Economic News
Precious metals are best performing assets
  Published by By Richard EvansThey rose in value by an average of 9.7pc, with gold turning in the best performance thanks to a rise of 13.5pc, the bank's survey of asset classes found. International equities were the worst assets to hold over the period, falling by 6.8pc. Of the nine asset classes analysed, five &ndash...;...Nov-30-2010 00:05
  Economic News
Precious Metals Dearer Than Ever
  “Platinum is the trickier investment of the three and silver is more volatile than gold." says Mladjenovenic. “Don’t rely on a single precious metals investment. There are so many risk factors that are political.” � 2010 CNBC.comIn Abu Dhabi, it is as easy as using a gold ATM. Meanwhile, silver prices have d......Oct-29-2010 12:06

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As with all investments, the price of precious metals changes rapidly, and as such should be considered volatile. Upon entering the metals market, the risk of loss is solely that of the client. Only individuals who are capable of sustaining a capital loss should consider purchasing precious metals. Acquisitions in precious metals which are financed are considered high risk.
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