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Silver holds huge industrial demand like no other.

About 40% of mined silver is utilised in everything from solar batteries,
water purification systems, cellular phones, to circuit boards, plasma
televisions, photography, and of course, jewellery. Everyday new
applications for silver are being explored, making silver’s demand grow.

The Silver Price Increases More Than Gold in a Bull Market

Silver has proven to have the sustainability on the markets, as analysts have discovered that silver has doubbled its price in the past dacade compared to gold. Silvers relatively low supply of the metal compared to the high demand, contributed to the steady increase in price.

The silver price is historically more volatile than the gold price, in that it can move more rapidly. If your view is that the gold and silver prices will rise, and based on historic volatility, the silver price would be expected to rise by a higher percentage than the gold price.

Now is a great time to invest in silver.

The following class of registered savings plan accounts are eligible to hold physical bullion:

  • TFSA – Tax-free savings account
  • RRSP – Registered retirement savings plan
  • RESP – Individual and family registered education savings plan
  • LIF – Life income fund
  • RRIF – Registered retirement income fund
  • LIRA – Locked in retirement account

Asset & Wealth Management: Investing in Physical Silver Makes Sense for your Portfolio

While the rest of the world may be focusing their attention on securing their wealth through gold investments, silver is boldly making a scene in the precious metals markets. Considered by many investors as the “asset of the decade,” silver is making a prominent dent in the markets.

With the purchase of silver bullion, we also offer secure storage facilities and affordable insurance for your wealth protection.

Key Benefits of a Precious Metals Storage Account

  • Secure vaulted safe for your gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion holdings
  • Various payment options
  • Shipment of bullion
  • Manageable monthly storage fees

Learn more about asset storage

The Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals

  • When considering purchasing precious metals like silver, you are buying into a physical asset.
  • Prudent investors use precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium to balance their investment portfolio against under performing equities, inflation, and as a hedge against the devaluation of the dollar during periods of economic uncertainty.
  • In recent years we have seen increasing portfolio diversification towards tangible assets such as precious metals.
  • In fact, many portfolio managers suggest that a well diversified portfolio should contain at least 5-15% of physical precious metals.

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