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  Cache Precious Metals ordering policies and procedures


Internet orders

You may place your order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A Cache Precious Metals representative will confirm your order almost immediately. If the order is placed after business hours, the order will be confirmed the morning of the following business day at the current spot price.

Telephone orders
Telephone orders may be placed during regular business hours by calling 1.877.916.6670. At the time of your order a Cache representative will inform you of the current selling price followed by an email confirmation with the total
of your purchase.

Order Confirmation
Once your price is secured by our traders, you have entered into a binding contractual agreement which may not be cancelled (please see cancellation policy). You will receive confirmation of the total price of your order by email or by phone including the costs of shipping and insurance. Payments must be made within 48 hours of receipt of confirmation.

Payment options
Payment to Cache Precious Metals must be dated the day the transaction is confirmed, and must be received within two business days. Cache Precious Metals accepts certified checks, cashiers check, postal money orders or electronic wire transfers. Providing Cache When you book transactions greater than $2000, Cache requires a 15% deposit to be on hand at the time of the order. Orders over $50,000 require a 50% deposit by bank wire only.

Cache Precious Metals reserves the right to refuse an order when confirmed price is incorrect, due to either computer-related problems or sudden movements in the market.

Cancellation policy
Cache Precious Metals makes every reasonable effort possible to ensure your order is processed in a timely manner, however once a price is confirmed and “locked in” there will be no cancellations.

After 48 hours if no payment is received the client has defaulted and is subject to any losses that have occurred plus a $50 administration fee. If there any gains, Cache will keep those gains.

Shipping and Delivery
Upon confirmation of payment in full, your product will be packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days by secured and insured carriers. Delivery can be expected between 5-10 business days of shipment. Every package is insured by Cache Precious Metals.

In times of greatest market volatility and increased order volume customers may experience delays in processing, packaging and delivery.

Prices do not reflect shipping and handling.

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