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Investing In Silver Bullion: Physical Possession of Silver Bars & Coins


Asset & Wealth Management: Investing in Physical Silver Makes Sense for your Portfolio

While the rest of the world may be focusing their attention on securing their wealth through gold investments, silver is boldly making a scene in the precious metals markets. Considered by many investors as the “asset of the decade,” silver is making a prominent dent in the markets.

With the same physical characteristics as gold, silver has a remarkable industrial influence. Silver holds huge industrial demand like no other. About 40% of mined silver is utilised in everything from solar batteries, water purification systems, cellular phones, to circuit boards, plasma televisions, photography, and of course, jewellery. Everyday new applications for silver are being explored, making silver’s demand grow.

Silver has proven to have the sustainability on the markets, as analysts have discovered that silver has gone up 200% in the past five years compared to gold at 70%. Silver outperformed any other precious metals in the market in 2010, deeming it a safe investment as the relatively low supply of the metal compared to the high demand, contributed to the steady increase in price. In the first quarter of 2011, silver’s price had already risen up 9.3% and is forecasted to rise throughout 2012.

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If the current precious metals markets have suggested the long-term price of both gold and silver, we believe that investors should continue to accumulate physical silver to diversify their wealth and portfolio. Silver is unscathed during these volatile socio-political and economic times, as research shows that the best performing assets for the second consecutive year in 2010 were in fact precious metals, as investors enjoyed a 42% return. Silver will continue to be in extreme demand in the industry sectors, while the demand from private investors, who want to invest in silver as a protection against the collapse of paper currency, and as a hedge against inflation, becomes a permanent trend.

What We Offer

Now is a great time to invest in silver. Caché Metals gives you the opportunity to protect your wealth. Invest in silver bullion.  We offer silver in 1 oz.10 oz., 100 oz., and 1000 oz. bars and 1 oz. silver coins.  

With the purchase of silver bullion, we also offer secure storage facilities and affordable insurance for your wealth protection.  Learn more about allocating silver to a bullion storage account.

Caché Metals also brings you the opportunity to include physical precious metals in your RRSP & TFSA accounts.  Learn more placing silver in your RRSP & TSFA.

To buy Silver visit our online metals store or contact a Caché Metals Investment Specialist toll free: 1.877.916.6670



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