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Gold & Silver Precious Metals Market Update on AM640
Nov 28 2012 07:53AM

640 Host, Jasmine Bowen goes through her Top 10 reasons why you should own physical Gold and Silver.

Tune in to AM 640 Thursday at 7:05 pm ET to listen to the weekly Gold & Silver Precious Metals Update featuring Cache Metals' Robert Rosenzweig.

Nov 26 2012 14:22PM

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Cache Metals Gold & Silver Daily Market Report
Nov 23 2012 15:55PM

Precious metals gained on renewed hopes of a Greece resolution as Greece's lenders have decided on new ways to reduce its massive debt.

Cache Metals Gold & Silver Precious Metals Daily Market Report
Nov 21 2012 16:41PM


Spot gold drifted lower in light trade as the U.S markets geared up for the thanksgiving holiday. Spot gold touched an intraday high of $1730 on the heels of a weaker U.S green back.

Spot gold has remained relatively range bound between $1705 and $1740 as traders squared position on the short work week.

Nov 21 2012 15:21PM

Ask any veteran investor about the 2008 financial crisis and you’ll probably hear the word “unimaginable” bandied about. From the demise of the U.S. housing market to the collapse of U.S. investment banking giant Lehman Brothers to the virtual collapse of entire countries like Greece, it was the kind of financial and economic Armageddon that most investors never really thought possible.

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Nov 19 2012 08:59AM

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Nov 17 2012 01:00AM

Precious metals moved higher amid an uncertain economic climate as the eurozone debt crisis rolls on. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and EU leader failed to come to a decision on funding for Greece before paying the next tranche of 31.5 billion euros of aid instead deciding to meet again on November 20th.

cache Metals Gold & Silver Precious Metals Daily Market Report
Nov 16 2012 15:04PM

Precious metals traded lower in the early part of the North American session as fears of global growth after the release of disappointing economic data yesterday.

Nov 12 2012 09:00AM

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Nov 09 2012 16:08PM

Precious metals bounced back after trading sharply lower Wednesday. Incumbent president Barrack Obama defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney, with 303 Electoral votes to 206, with Florida's 29 also set to go to the winner.




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