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Feb 23 2012 10:41AM

Silver Getting Ready for a Breakout

The period of seasonal strength in silver is approaching. How is the seasonal trade lining up this year?

Equityclock.com notes that the period of seasonal strength for silver during the past 20 years has been from Sept. 16 to April 11. The “sweet spot” is from the end of October to the end of February. The trade has been profitable in 14 of the past 16 periods including 10 of the past 10 periods. Average return per period during the past 10 periods was 22.9%.

Feb 23 2012 10:32AM

Is Silver the New Gold?

For many years consumers and investors have favoured gold, but persistently high prices mean the time has come for silver to reassert its credentials as a jewellery material and a store of value.

Feb 22 2012 18:03PM

Spot gold has ended the week right where it started at, $1724. This shows the great indecision that traders have faced.

Cache Metals - CNBC - Silver prices surge
Feb 21 2012 19:29PM

Silver Prices Surging on Near-Record Demand

The price of silver is surging and so is business at many coin dealers across the country. At Plaza Collectibles, an appraisals shop in Manhattan, owner Lee Rosenbloom says he’s seeing a tremendous demand both in new and older silver coins. “This is probably the strongest demand there’s been in the last 25 years,” he says.

Feb 21 2012 19:22PM

Investing in the Real Thing - Gold

Gold's at $1,300 (U.S.) an ounce and climbing, the world's a confusing mess and you want the security that owning the fabled metal promises. Yet everyone has a different idea about how to invest. David Parkinson offers a traveller's guide to the many paths to buying gold.

Feb 21 2012 17:17PM

Finally a Greek deal turning the Euro higher and China slashing reserve rates, propelled spot gold to 1 month highs.

Feb 17 2012 23:00PM

Spot gold has ended the week right where it started at, $1724. This shows the great indecision that traders have faced.

Feb 16 2012 16:18PM

Spot gold pares early losses as the yellow metal back tracked to touch a session low of $1705.30, before reversing and trading to $1727.

Feb 15 2012 16:52PM

Spot gold advanced further in the North American session as Greek default fears continued to linger as well as a promise from Chinese officials to support the Eurozone.

Feb 14 2012 17:06PM

A rather painful day on the market as precious metals remained range bound with traders and investors sitting on the sidelines awaiting Wednesday’s meeting of finance ministers to vote on new measures agreed by the Greek government. This would determine if the European Union and the International Monetary Fund will release the 130-billion-euro bailout, there is no guarantee that the package will be agreed. Last night saw Moody’s cut the credit rating of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta and warned it may cut the AAA ratings of France, Britain and Austria.




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