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  Latest Bullion & Market News on Precious Metals
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Silver Prices Surging on Near-Record Demand


Silver Sales to Jump as Demand Gains, Perth Mint Says

CNBC Precious Metals Dearer Than Ever
TheGlobeAdvisor Gold bugs are right to fear inflation
Telegraph Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement
CNBC Commodities Price Surge May Be Fueled by Japan
CNBC Super-Rich Investors Stocking Up Gold by the Ton
CNBC Commodities Rally Still Strong, Gold Will Hit $2,000
CNBC Gold Is Not The Next Disaster
TheGoldAdvisor Investing in the real thing
CNBC Morici: Why Gold is $1300 an Ounce!
Barron's Why You Need to Own Gold Precious metals are best performing assets
Glob Investor Chinas Big Gold Rush
Financial Post Setting the stage for the seasonal trade in gold
Maket Watch Gold's 'ugly sister' gets a second look
Globe Advisor Volatility's silver streak
Globe Investor You've Heard of peak oil. How about peak gold?
IndiaToday Silver shines better than gold in market Gold is decade's best performing investment Seven reasons to invest in gold Gold goes on the investor's podium Gold: fundamentals remain strong, says World Gold Council
Globe Investor Kevin MacLean sees more gains for gold
Globe Investor The gold bubble myth Gold Not a Bubble, Silver a Better Buy: Rogers Outlook for silver looks bright this winter Investors pour into Gold Gold hits record above $1,225 Gold May Rise as High as $1600 as Demand Builds 4 Reasons Why Silver Will Outperform Gold Gold May Rise as High as $1600 as Demand Builds Banks Reject Own Paper for Gold
Marketmatch Poor man's gold may be an investor's treasure
CNBC Investors may take shine to silver after gold high Exposing the reality of a gold complex,without the emotion Is Silver the new Gold?
CNBC Charts: Gold to Hit $1,040 'Very Quickly'; S&P to Weaken
Wall Street Journal The Bernanke Market
Money Week Should you be buying silver now?
Bloomberg Commmercial Property May pose Risk for Economy
Bloomberg Greenlight Holds Bullion, Buys Reinsurance Stocks
TheGlobeandMail U.S. commercial real estate next big risk
DRSchoon The Yellow Brick Road Can they pay it back? Is Silver the new Gold?
Bloomberg Gold May Be ‘Best Investment,’ Alpha’s Sperandeo Says The ingredients are in place for bull run in gold Hi-Ho Silver, White metal looks to outpace gold again Metal, mineral prices could reach new heights: E&Y; Policy hurts U.S dollar, helps gold Another Bottom for Stocks Coming: Rogers German firm plans 'Gold-to-Go' ATMs to sell gold bars Gold the only asset that did its job Gold price could hit $1,500 Is silver the new gold? Bank crisis spawns new kind of gold rush Gold: 'Inflation will beat deflation and gold will hit $3,000' Two thirds of traders advise to buy gold
Reuters Newmont CEO sees gold in range of $1,200 Gold to rise for eighth consecutive year Merrill Lynch says rich turning to gold bars for safety
Investor's digest Obama team may not be friendly to gold
Columnist Owning GLD can be hazardous to you wealth
Bloomberg Mining stocks look cheap on china stimulus
Bloomberg Gold rises most in a week on inflation concerns Prediction: Great depression ahead
Bloomberg Sprott says U.S, Depression will boost gold price
Bloomberg Barrick's munk says gold will top $1,000 on turmoil
Businessweek Hedge fund whiz einhorn jumps on thegold wagon
Bloomberg Barrick Sees-Scale gold buying on bailout (update3)
Reuters Gold defies market turbulence Lusting for gold
Reuters Recession fears spark new gold rush
Moneyweek A beginner's guide to investing in gold Silver lining in a cloudy market


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As with all investments, the price of precious metals changes rapidly, and as such should be considered volatile. Upon entering the metals market, the risk of loss is solely that of the client. Only individuals who are capable of sustaining a capital loss should consider purchasing precious metals. Acquisitions in precious metals which are financed are considered high risk.
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