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  Bloomberg, February 3rd, 2009.
Sprott Says U.S. Depression Will Boost Gold Price more...

Bloomberg, September 24th, 2009.
Barrick Sees `Large-Scale' Gold Buying on Bailout more...
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If you would like to establish an Account with Cache Metals & PMI, please access New Account Documentation and follow the download instructions. After your review of these documents please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department, with any questions you might have, as we believe that our best Customers are fully informed Customers.
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FAX Form to: 1.416.916.6702        Mail to: Cache Metals | 55 Eglinton Avenue East , Suite 209, Toronto Ontario , M4P 1G8
Cache Metals is a retail dealer who works with Precious Metals International, a Wholesale Supplier of Physical Precious Metals Bullion Products (Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium). PMI sells product only on an Immediate Delivery Basis to Cache Metals. PMI does not transact any business in Futures Contracts, Options on Futures Contracts, or Securities.Customers of Cache Metals who utilize the services of PMI have two choices of Delivery when making their acquisitions of Bullion products from Cache Metals:

1: Immediate Drop Shipment (Home Delivery)
These type of deliveries involve additional costs, including but not limited to, fabrication, shipping, insurance, taxes (if applicable). Please consult with your Retail Dealer.

2: Immediate delivery to your Account with PMI
Customers who take delivery from their Retail Dealer of their Bullion Products into their Accounts with PMI may also utilize PMIís credit facilities, wherein PMI will provide up to 75% of the Bullion value towards the customers total cost. (See Customer Account Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure)

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As with all investments, the price of precious metals may change rapidly, and as such should be considered volatile. Upon entering the precious metals market, the risk of loss is solely that of the client. Only
individuals who are capable of sustaining a capital loss should consider purchasing precious metals as investments. investments in precious metals which are financed / leveraged should be considered high risk.

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