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  Many Canadians do not know they can hold gold and silver bullion in their RRSP and Tax Free Savings Account. 

Diversification in a portfolio is a method to mitigate market volatility and risk. Gold historically has been viewed as an insurance policy against the volatility of capital markets.

Legal tender coins qualify as an RRSP and TSFA-eligible investment only if the Royal Canadian Mint has produced them. Precious metal bars can be held only if an accredited London Bullion Market Association member has produced them, i.e. Johnson Matthey, Credit Suisse, etc. This can be verified by the hallmark stamp on each and every bar. All bullion purchases must be of 99.5% purity.

Cache Metals has partnered with Barret Capital and Laurentian Bank Securities to bring you the opportunity to include physical precious metals in your RRSP & TFSA.
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